OMA's mission is to provide a free on-line venue for the live performance of Original songs and to support and encourage the "brick and mortar" Open Mic Community.


Interact with local Open Mics
City by city, state by state we will reach out to any and all local Open Mics.  We will explain what we are doing and simply ask them:
1. Do you have a few top performers that would be interested in appearing on our national show?
2. Would you like us to publish, on our web site, a link to your event?
Chances are most folks will answer "yes" to both questions!

If you would like to be part of our team, you can VOLUNTEER as a "canvasser" for this outreach.  Please contact me at  dave@capodavewilliams.com and we can work out the particulars.

Work Social media
Performers can post a link to their last performance on OMA on their FaceBook page.  Folks who would just like to help can post links to our site on any social media they are active on.


What performers want and cherish
Performers want their songs to be heard and by "the more people, the better". It's that simple. We arrive at the local show and wow..."big crowd tonight... got to do one of my best songs". And what a thrill, connecting with people in an intimate setting. The Zooms, when well managed are also satisfying in their own way.  We see our fellow performers watching as we play and we can tell when we have hit the mark. A well run show allows a certain amount of audience praise to be heard after each performance. Now, it's a bit of a leap, but what if you knew that 1000 people were watching on-line?  That would surely put wind in any performers sails!  We can get to that place and beyond!
The "horse that brung us"
Most of us that play Open Mics did not start as professional musicians, we are people that kicked it around in our living rooms until someone dragged us out to our first Open Mic. Very quickly we were hooked and were delighted to find that the events were about more than music. Suddenly, people had an excuse to interact with strangers and the interactions, for the most part, were acts of kindness.
Incentives for both performers and "brick & mortar" Open mics
Open Mic America will be the "big show", the show that local Open Mic players will have as their goal... a chance to play their songs for a national audience.  Local Open Mics will send their best players to OMA and it will be the rest of the local Open Mic folks that, in the beginning, will make up most of our audience.  In return, OMA will publish in each performers info block, the web address of that performer's Home Open Mic. The top performers will be the fruit, OMA will help nourish the tree!