Tee shirts may be ordered directly from Customink.com .  We are not involved in these transactions.  I ordered a Hanes 100% cotton Tee from them and paid $20.95 including shipping for the white Tee.  The black Tee is $24.95.  I am well satisfied with the shirt which came in one week's time.  These folks are johnny-on-the-spot.  If you need help...800-293-4232.

PC Users
1. Right click on the OMA logo...then "save as".  You will be saving it to a folder in your computer. 

2. Go to Customink.com  Click on "Products",   "Tee shirts",    "Short sleeve T-shirts",    "Hanes Authentic T-shirt",    Select color,    "Start designing",    then "No thanks, I want to start from scratch",   "Upload",    "Browse"   then go to the saved logo in your computer... position and size the logo,    then "save design"... the rest is up to you!

Capo Dave

This logo is for a BLACK Tee shirt... click HERE  for WHITE Tee shirt logo