Perform on OMA: 

How it works

Perform on OMA: 

how it works

  • OMA is a showcase primarily for the live performance of original songs. We also allow performance of songs published prior to 1925; we call these "Heritage" songs. Shows are two hours, feature 10 performers and happen on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 5:PM PST.

  • At showtime, performers meet with our hosts on a private zoom channel for the performance - which is streamed live to the public on YouTube. The link is on our home page... "Live on YouTube".

  • New performers must Audition to be on the show. If your material is a good fit for Open Mic America, you will be emailed with a booking date and general Zoom info. A few days prior to the show, you will again receive the booking email along with a show poster that lists the playing order. The Saturday before the show (before 5:00 PM) you will receive a further email with the actual Zoom link that will get you in the show.

  • More details in our Green Room and on our Guidelines page.

  • Returning performers need not re-audition. Simply Request a Spot to appear on the show again.