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: July 21

OMA proudly presents quality performers in a wide range of styles. Join Laura Bordowitz Show Engineer, Daphna Rahmil Emcee and Robert Edgar Interview hosts for two hours of original songs as performed by the artists in our virtual "Showcase".

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July 21

Live on YouTube - 5:00 PM, PST

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A National show for Open Mic performers!

Open Mic America is a virtual performance venue and also an organization to support and help grow the local Open Mic Community nationwide. We are, in effect, the first "big league" event for Open Mic performers!

Primarily a showcase for original songs , we also allow performance of songs published prior to 1925; we call these "Heritage" songs. OMA supports the aspirations of those who write and perform today and we honor those who came before us!

Shows are booked in advance and feature 7-9 performers; each get a 10 minute spot to play one or two songs. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, players are briefly interviewed following their performance. Shows are on first, second and third Sundays at 5:00 PM Pacific time.

Our goal is to build a large national audience and accordingly we limit participation to more accomplished players. At present, most of our attendees gain access to the show by invitation. Our recruiters scout virtual Open Mics as well as local Open Mics for top players. If a recruiter has not "found" you yet, it's not hard, you can get a spot by submitting an audition video!

If you feel confident in your performing skills, we're hoping you'll Join us and be among the first who can say: "I was there when it all started"!

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Dave Williams, a.k.a "Capo Dave"