Shows are first, second and third Sundays. Sound checks start at 4:30 Pacific but it doesn't hurt to show up 10 minutes early... show goes live on YouTube at 5:00 Pacific. The link is on our home page.

Performers may play one or two songs within a 10 minute slot.

OMA is a venue principally for the performance of Original songs. However we do permit the performance of songs published prior to January 1, 1925. If a song still has life after nearly one century, it goes without saying that it must be one helluva song! We will refer to these works as "Heritage Songs". Performers should fully credit the author(s), if known, and mention the year the song came into existence.

No recordings, loopers, octavers or heavy sound processing permitted - a little reverb is fine.

Sorry, you cannot perform on OMA using a phone. I-Pads are permitted but best practice is to use a normal computer. Computer connected to modem with wi-fi is fine given strong signal. For tip top performance though, connection by ethernet cable can't be beat!

This is a family show. Profanity is limited to "hell" and "damn"... nix on the rest!

No virtual backgrounds. Please work toward an attractive setting with effective lighting.

Content is not permitted that in any way advocates for violence, cruelty, or racism.

You must be performing a song. This is not a poetry slam.

Percussion is limited to one instrument.

Be sure your sound is as clear as possible. Tips – using an analogue PA.

Its important that your visual appearance is reasonably good. Organize your lighting for best effect. A "Moon face" low angle shot from computer glow is not cool. Lap-top cameras are fine with the room properly lighted. If you don't already have one, a web cam can give you a much better way to "frame your shot". Soft room lighting with one good light above and off to your "good" side will render fairly good results.  A well-lit attractive setting will make your presentation much more compelling.

During the show
Remember, you're live on ZOOM. The hosts and other performers can see and hear you. Like in any "song circle", be respectful by giving your full attention at all times. Stay muted during the performace of others. Unmute for applause only (between sets). Use your common sense - no eating, playing with your phone, your dog etc.